Take 20% Off All Decibel Books For Our Dead Presidents Day Sale!

Sometimes in between gravity blasts and hits from your beer bong you want to take time to brush up on your metal history. Now’s the time to show everyone how kvlt AND frugal you are. From now until Monday at 11 AM EST, all Decibel Books titles (Choosing Death, The Decibel Hall of Fame Anthology Vol. II, Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies and more) are 20% off. The time to read is now!

The Decibel Hall of Fame Anthology: Volume II
The hand-numbered, hardcover sequel to 2009’s Precious Metal collection includes 25 more Hall of Fame stories from Decibel’s renowned monthly feature on the making of classic metal albums. Includes out-of-print HOFs from Motörhead, Type O Negative, Rotting Christ, Sepultura, Incantation, Neurosis and a previously unreleased bonus chapter on the making of Demilich’s death metal classic Nespithe.

Metal Gods: A Tribute to Judas Priest
The third in a trilogy of graphic novels chronicling the history and influence of the godfathers of heavy metal. Metal Gods boasts an impressive array of authors, artists and musicians (including members of Autopsy. Leviathan, Toxic Holocaust, Repulsion, Exhumed, ect,) offering hilarious anecdotes and personal experiences with the legendary Judas Priest—both real and imagined.


Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore (Revised & Expanded Edition)
Fewer than 200 copies left in stock! Originally released in 2004, this new, limited edition (3,000 copies), hand-numbered hardcover of the celebrated death ‘n’ grind history packs 100 new pages, 50 new interviews, three new chapters and jaw-dropping throwback cover art from none other than Dan Seagrave into an impressive package. “This is the bible right here.” —Scott Hull, Pig Destroyer

Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Volume 1
Fewer than 400 left in stock! Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult author Dayal Patterson returns with more detailed—and previously untold—histories of Satyricon, Bethlehem, Silencer, Solefald, Mgła, Kampfar and more in this limited edition (1,000 copies), hand-numbered, hardcover tome. Mandatory reading for the underground black metal enthusiast.