Video Premiere: Oceans of Slumber – ‘No Color, No Light’

“No Color, No Light,” the latest from Houston-based progressive metal practitioners Oceans of Slumber hints at something bleak and ugly, but you won’t find any of that in the new song. Instead, Oceans of Slumber present an emotional song driven by crawling instrumentals and a pair of stunning vocal performances by singer Cammie Gilbert and Evergrey’s Tom S. Englund.

Oceans of Slumber previously explained that The Banished Heart, their forthcoming album featuring “No Color, No Light,” came from an extremely dark emotional place.

“The album travels through concepts of neglect, death, absolute heartbreak, love and finding peace,” drummer and chief songwriter Dobber Beverly said. “The Banished Heart represents the return. The return of life or love after a long exile, when everything seemed lost or hopeless. It all sparked from the birth of my daughter. I relearned what true and unconditional love felt like. The Banished Heart is about leaving the void and taking a long hard road to perdition.”

It’s a beautiful song further enhanced by an animated music video, which you can watch below. The Banished Heart is out via Century Media on March 2.