Track Premiere: Myrkraverk – ‘Hyllest! Reia!’

Having released only two seven inches since their inception over ten years ago, Myrkraverk nonetheless have built a name for themselves as deliverers of a fascinating kind of black metal. Their debut EP, Nordvegen, is an Isengard-influenced, darkly spiritual voyage into the heart of cold, northern malice. And its follow-up, Nekromanita Muscaria, kept the momentum going and then some with more skewering riffs, more scathing blasts, and more of those insane vocals that range from sonorous beer hall bellowing to paint-peeling screams of victorious agony. Yes, Myrkraverk concoct a strange brew, but theirs is an elixir that will revitalize your passion for real black metal.

It is our pleasure, then, to bring you this exclusive premiere of a brand new song from Myrkraverk’s long overdue debut album, Nær Døden. Just like you, “Hyllest! Reia!” is the only song we’ve heard from Nær Døden, and while it’s nothing like we expected, it is exactly what we’d hoped for. Because it is strange and original, and this bodes very well for the other 13 tracks on Nær Døden. Not to mention it features guest vocals by Enslaved’s Grutle Kjellson.

“Through the spells of this ancient Norse winter rite Myrkraverk summons the heathen spiritual essence of the old December celebration, captured in the moment of its creation,” explains Infamroth of Myrkraverk. “Here, presented with the voice of Grutle Kjellson in order to complete the circle of their dark past, is a hypnotic performance indeed.”

Nær Døden is available March 13th.