Full EP Stream: Mendacium – “Decimating Titans”

Devotees of USBM may know Daniel Jackson better as Void Ritual, the one-man black metal outfit who made their proper full-length debut last year. Jackson is prolific, however, also serving as the sole creator behind Mendacium, a violent black/death metal entity.

Though Jackson released Decimating Titans, Mendacium’s debut EP, last year, Redefining Darkness Records will give the album a proper physical release on Friday, along with a brand new song called “Eviscerate.” Enjoy a full stream of the album below, as well as words from Jackson on the new song.

“‘Eviscerate’ is intended to be a cathartic expression for those who are made to work for less than what it takes to live,” Jackson states. “It’s a song that imagines a world where power is returned to the poor by force. Where politics fail them, bloodshed will not. To quote a line from the song’s opening verse: ‘Those made to serve, and yet still starve, will hunger no more.'”