Track Premiere: Replicant – ‘Chaotic Neutral’

New Jersey death machine Replicant are out for blood on their debut full length, Negative Life. While their music could certainly be classed as technical death metal (the band features members of tech death outfit Dystrophy), it’s as much driven by the death metal of days gone by as it is modern riffcraft.

The title of the first single from Negative Life is “Chaotic Neutral,” but there’s nothing neutral about the song. Angular guitar riffs and cavernous vocals sink their claws into the listener, attacking head on. There are no frills, bells or whistles from Replicant, just straight-ahead death metal, and they know how to execute their mission.

If their message wasn’t clear, Replicant make it so.

“‘Chaotic Neutral’ is a compressed foray into the depravity of Negative Life,” they state. “A microcosm of the album. It’s maddening, dirty, and unsterilized. In essence it’s about lacking purpose and indifferently seeking out base pleasures.”

Listen to “Chaotic Neutral” now and check out the track listing for the album below. It will see release via PRC Music on March 23.

Negative Life track list:

1. (Spit) Into The Void


3. Inescapable Grief

4. Oceans Of Dust

5. The Frail

6. Sewing Seeds In Dead Soil

7. Chaotic Neutral

8. Shroud

9. Selfish Universe

10. Vessel Of Iniquity