Track Premiere: Athanasia – ‘Cyclops Lord (My Will Is Done)’

Open your wallet and pull out a one-dollar bill. On the reverse side is the Eye of Providence, which you’ve probably noticed before. It’s also known as the all-seeing eye of God, but LA heavy metal outfit Athanasia prefer to call it the “Cyclops Lord.”

On “Cyclops Lord (My Will is Done),” Athanasia let loose with huge choruses that are practically built for stadiums. There’s a little something for everyone on the new song: throat-wrecking screams, chunky riffs, melodic leads and a super catchy chorus.

As for the subject matter? Athanasia are up front about it but they admit there might be more beneath the surface.

“‘Cyclops Lord’ is our take on the root of all evil… The almighty dollar! The song’s strong lyrical content made this video beg for hidden subliminal visuals, not unlike those present on the dollar itself…”

Watch the new video below and follow Athanasia on Facebook for updates about their forthcoming The Order of the Silver Compass.