Track Premiere: Beldam – ‘Carrion Feast’

Beldam‘s brand of sludge metal is about as punishing and nihilistic as the genre comes. Pasung, their soon-to-be-released album on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, is nearly an hour of hateful, punishing sludge metal. On new song “Carrion Feast,” Beldam open with a riff indebted to doom legends Black Sabbath and stoner metal titans Sleep before transitioning to a sound more akin to their contemporaries in Dopethrone, Come to Grief and the like.

A thick, distorted guitar tone drags the listener through seven and a half minutes of excruciatingly slow riffs while bloodcurdling vocals rip through the mix. Even when “Carrion Feast” picks up to a mid-tempo pace, the riffs sound as if they’re dragging themselves along with concrete shoes; each note sounds like it took a great, exhausting effort to play.

You can listen to an exclusive stream of “Carrion Feast” below, and pre-order Pasung through HPGD.