Track Premiere: Spite – ‘Upon Funeral Stone’

It’s been almost five years since Salpsan, the sole member of Spite, released their one track demo called Desecration Rites. Since then, Spite has tortured their slathering fans by releasing songs one at a time. First, “Countless Blasphemy” through that incredible comp. Evil Spells, Volume I, that Electric Assault put out four years ago. Then came the Trapped in the Pentagram 7” from Iron Bonehead.

While Salpsan has stayed busy and sated our desire for blasting blasphemy with his other band, Horns & Hooves, it remained unclear if Spite would ever commit to releasing a recording more substantial than a two song 7”. Then, in November 2017, Invictus Productions announced the coming of Antimoshiach, Spite’s debut full length. The song that accompanied this announcement, entitled “The Shield of Abraham,” is a catchy, nasty little shredder of 1st Wave-influenced black metal that’s left no room for anything save frenzied excitement.

Today we have the pleasure of turning the screw on that anticipation with another song premiere from Antimoshiach. “Upon the Funeral Stone” is the sixth track from Spite’s debut. While its (brief) intro will lead you to believe this is one of the more melodic numbers from Antimoshiach, this track will smoke you and reduce you to a knee-high pyramid of ash faster than you can say, “Did anyone get the number on that light’s bane?”

Get Antimoshiach February 2nd, 2018 from Invictus Productions.