Track Premiere: Narcos Family Band – “Hammer It Shut”

Narcos Family Band are one of the most fun punk bands playing right now. With members named Jawn Lord, Hot Meat, Uncle Shitty, Old Rick, Chocolate Shake and Human Army, you might not be sure this is something you want to get into, but give it a shot.

New song “Hammer It Shut” exhibits all the qualities that make Narcos Family Band awesome. Shouted vocals, gritty guitars and a saxophone solo are the base of the track; it’s easy to imagine singing along to the Narcos Family Band at a sweaty, overcrowded South Philly basement show. Everything about the band screams “we like to have a good time,” just like you’ll have a good time with this stream of “Hammer It Shut.”

“What you need to believe is what you see,” the band tells Decibel. “Welcome to the family.”

You can pre-order Narcos Family Band’s new EP, Pink Blues, here. It’s out December 31 on King Pizza Records.