Video Premiere: YLVA – ‘Hunting Room’

M E T A, the debut from Australian sludge practitioners YLVA, was absolutely massive in its scope. Huge riffs and atmospherics met restrained minimalism, creating a larger-than-life juxtaposition. With their new music video for “Hunting Room,” the Melbourne outfit add another dimension to their music.

A beautifully directed video that uses ideas of light, motion and dance, “Hunting Room” shines in its ability to match the epic scope of YLVA’s music.

“YLVA’s ‘Hunting Room’ video clip is a combination of competing imagery and aesthetics between the bands contemporary metal sound and tropes of the classical,” the director notes. “Taking inspiration from ‘the Dying Swan’ solo by Mikhail Fokine paralleled with the folklore of Dante’s Inferno and the concentric circles of hell. Unlike the narrative of traditional folklore, the images are a pastiche, a collage of strong symbolic gestures for the viewer to interpret.”

Purchase M E T A through Translation Loss or Pelagic.