Video Premiere: Switchblade Jesus – “Heavy is the Mountain”

Texas’ Switchblade Jesus will appear on the seventh addition of Ripple Music’s The Second Coming of Heavy, splitting the release with Fuzz Evil. To go along with that, the band has unveiled a brand new animated music video for “Heavy is the Mountain,” one of three contributions to Switchblade Jesus’ side of the split.

The video was done by Jay Hooke, and it looks like a bizarre cross between an old Steamboat Willy cartoon and a bad acid trip.

“Leaving behind the southern grasp and venturing into more heavier/melodic territory we’ve been wanting to expand our music and build a stronger foundation,” guitarist Eric Calvert says. “This isn’t a complete departure from our debut, but more of the take on what wanted this band to be, this is also the debut of my singing and encompasses a more heavy guttural feel.  Heavy is the Mountain is just one of the 3 song’s on this vinyl but it’s definitely the most pummeling. We continue to evolve as our follow up includes times of brash, instrumentals and clean passages to carry the listener on a journey we hope they’ll enjoy.”

You can pre-order Second Coming of Heavy right here.