Full Album Stream: Borracho – “Riffography”

California-based label Ripple Music has made a name for itself as the home of some of the best doom, psychedelic and stoner rock/metal music over the last few years, and a shining example of that is Borracho‘s new collection, Riffography. 

A collection of various Borracho songs from throughout their career, Riffography shows the band’s strengths, whether it’s bringing riffs reminiscent of Mastodon down upon the listener or following in the path of doom progenitors Black Sabbath. The album is out tomorrow via Ripple, but you can listen below.

“We loved working with Todd and the whole Ripple Family on this project,” bassist Tim Martin says. “We’ve played with and are friends with a lot of the bands on their roster and were honored to be part of the first volume of The Second Coming of Heavy. For Riffography, I’m really excited to hear all of these tracks in one place! Before this release, it would be a lot harder digging out and flipping records and some of the tracks weren’t even available on vinyl. Mostly I’m excited to have produced an historical document for our fans. Something that really captures the time we’ve been together, the changes we’ve been through and how that’s reflected in the music.”