Full Album Stream: Gus McArthur – “Chapter 2: Fanatics”

If you’ve never heard of Gus McArthur, you should buckle in, because it’s a wild ride, as you’ll note from what happened last time Decibel caught up with the trio. We’ve heard from the band again, and they’re back with the second chapter in their “Book of Gus.” It’s fittingly titled Chapter 2: Fanatics, and you can listen to it right now, along with some context from the band. It might help you understand Gus McArthur a little more, or it might confuse you a lot more, but that’s part of the charm.

Chapter 2 is out tomorrow.

“Where there are lies the truth exists, sometimes co-mingled and yet untouched awaiting the balance to be shifted by action, always by action. There are fools on the see-saw though, using their bulbous bellies, and bulging egos to twist the true thing into another while screaming for all the other fools to ride on their side. Put all your body, spirit, mind into the deception, together, until the see will not saw, held in stop motion by the fanatics on their ride, all the fools on one side.

“Beware the mob that stands only in the glow of their own light. They will bludgeon all others as lost in the darkness outside of any claim to what is right. Some will hide, or sneak, or smile and wave, while scheming their plot to enslave, holding back all the rage for just the right moment to pull the mask away revealing the horror, of the Fanatic. (Transmission from Gus McArthur)

Chapter 2: Fanatics is the second Chapter in the book of Gus. Following Chapter 1: Hysterics, Fanatics takes an entirely different approach musically. We wanted to shift the story and set the scene, utilizing cross genre influences and melodies in each song. Chapter 2 is truly unique from the previous tracks and is based on transmissions from Gus that we’ve interpreted both musically, as well as topically, for the current state of the world. Each year we will present a new Chapter and a new transmission from Gus as he watches us, always watches. Fanatics is a window into to who we are, where we have been, and where we may be going.”