Full EP Stream: The Human Race is Filth – “Human Exposed”

From their name alone, The Human Race is Filth‘s anger at the world is obvious. The grind duo hails from southern Pennsylvania, and on their debut EP, Human Exposed, they take aim at every figure they feel is making the world worse.

Clocking in at a lean five tracks, Human Exposed blends grind, sludge and crust into a bitter cocktail before injecting it with hatred and anger.

“The Human Exposed EP represents and exposes the scum known as our leaders,” The Human Race is Filth tell Decibel. “It’s a campaign for the poverty stricken, which is most everyone not in the league of the rich and political realms. Leadership we have is draining people of living and raping the world of all its resources. We don’t even know what a democracy is anymore… It’s a depressing and angry display of how we see the world today.”

Human Exposed will be available digitally on December 6 and on CD via the band in January. You can listen to the fast, hate-filled EP below, exclusively through Decibel.