Track Premiere: Druid Lord – ‘Last Drop of Blood’

Formed in 2010, in which year they also released their debut album, Hymns for the Wicked, Druid Lord have made a career of writing and flawlessly executing majestic and dank, horror-obsessed doom-death. Now, eight years, three splits, and two EPs later, the Orlando-based quartet will release their sophomore album, Grotesque Offerings, on their new label, Hells Headbangers. And we’ve got the exclusive privilege of premiering the penultimate track from Grotesque Offerings called “Last Drop of Blood.”

Buried somewhere between Morbid Tales/Emperor’s Return-era Celtic Frost, Winter’s Into Darkness, Derkéta’s In Death We Meet, Skepticism’s Stormcrowfleet, and Hooded Menace’s Never Cross the Dead, Druid Lord’s second full length is required listening for any and all doom-death fiends. Fortunately, Grotesque Offerings doesn’t come out until (early) next year, so none of us need to break into a cold sweat because we’ve already submitted our AOTY lists.

 To quote the band: “You know we all dig those B horror movies. The concept for ‘Last Drop of Blood’ was taken from the viewpoint of a torturer during the Spanish Inquisition. Inspired by Paul Naschy’s movie Inquisition and versions of “The Pit and the Pendulum,” this journey delves into a sadistic mind as he slowly mutilated his victims. His ideology was to rid the world of filth by means of torture thereby cleansing their souls. His craving would not be satisfied until he spilled the last drop. Each note and every chord intertwines with the lyrics for one hell of ride. You can feel the dark heaviness in the music through twists and turns coinciding lyrically with each victim being tortured in various ways resulting in a gruesome and painful end.”

Without further ado . . . Hail “Last Drop of Blood”:

Get Grotesque Offerings from Hells Headbangers January 19th, 2018.