Track Premiere: Redemptor – ‘Enormous, Absolute’

Redemptor, the Polish death metal outfit signed to Selfmadegod, easily set themselves apart from their contemporaries. On new album Arthaneum, Redemptor employ murky production, cavernous vocals and atmospheric melodies, such as what you’ll hear with a stream of new song “Enormous, Absolute.”

“We created the word Arthaneum to picture the outcome of human yearning to conceive, construct and improve, on purpose of becoming a superior being,” Redemptor tell Decibel. “An attempt to make its own mark and accomplishment which prevails here, on Earth. It might sound bold and noble, but we rather paint these fragile, tricky and desperate faces of man, which hide behind his mundane dreams and desires.

“It’s also our endeavor to go deeper with our music to the spiritual and emotional dimensions, to touch the listener with more flowing, and dynamically fluctuating compositions.

“We went through more diverse and sophisticated soundscapes than ever before, adding another weight onto our extreme metal backbone. We aimed to deliver a sombrous blend of the monumental beauty, ferocity and spine-chilling disfigurement of the man-created realities.

“Arthaneum is also a salute to the eternal continuum of the universe and our earthly nature, on which we feed our primordial urge to survive, expand and finally surpass the limitations, even with our crippled tools of recognition and understanding. That’s also why we returned back to the 432Hz tuning, to be closer to the natural vibrations and divina proportio existing also within the music, and known here as the Fibonacci sequence.”

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