Full Album Stream: Lucifer’s Hammer “Victory Is Mine”

Lucifer's Hammer

There are two Lucifer’s Hammers. Let’s get that out of the way first. One from Michigan, starting in ’86 and dissolving in… we’re not quite sure (the group’s last full-length, Ghosts of Fall, was self-released in 2001). And then there’s the Chilean Lucifer’s Hammer. Instead of heralding the death metal banner, the Santiago-based trio are hoisting the Union Jack. Or, the La Estrella Solitaria, to be fair. Much like Satan, Angel Witch, Diamond Head, Grim Reaper, and Di’Anno-era Iron Maiden, Lucifer’s Hammer centers its power in the riff and vocal departments.

The group’s debut album, Beyond the Omens, banged heads, bumped knuckles, guzzled beer, and yelled, “Fuck off!”, but new EP, Victory is Mine, buries the hard-partying, never-say-die atmosphere for a solemn approach. The riffs guitarist Hypnos are as strong as ever, but they’ve been elongated to form songs of epic proportion (Beyond the Omens featured songs of shorter duration). Think of tracks like “Thousand Nights (O.O.T.S.)” or “Warriors of the Storm” as inspired by but not deferential to “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” As for vocalist/guitarist Hades, he’s got a set of pipes. Not the operatic type, but the got-guts type. You can feel his street-level, denim ‘n’ leather passion throughout Victory is Mine. And drummer Titan does double duty on bass. He’s both Graeme English and Clive Burr, ripping through trad heavy metal rhythms as if he was hanging with the Neat and Ebony Records crowds.

Time to dust off the white high tops, acid wash jeans, and boombox with Lucifer’s Hammer on Victory is Mine. Turn it up and bang away, metal fiends!

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** Lucifer’s Hammer’s new mini-album, Victory is Mine, is out December 15, 2017 on Shadow Kingdom Records. Pre-orders for Vinyl (HERE), Cassette (HERE), and CD (HERE) are available now! Spandex pants and used bandanas not included!