Track Premiere: Trauma – ‘Naked Truth’

Polish death dealing legion Trauma have been around in some capacity since the last 1980’s, though they didn’t officially take the name Trauma until 1992. Their 1996 debut, Comedy is Over, will see re-release via Deformeathing Productions. Today, Decibel is streaming a remastered version of “Naked Truth,” the last full song on Comedy. 

“Listening to these songs after all these years, I felt like I was watching a family album and I have to admit it brought a tear to eye,” guitarist Mister says. “I saw how the time had changed us, how it had brought the experience and had been giving us the freedom in creating our own musical space. Suddenly all the memories were back, I could feel the climate, the emotions that had been driving us, and all the musical inspirations that had defined Trauma. It’s all engraved on the Comedy Is Over music and has a very sentimental value for me. It tastes like wine after 20 years – it has a clear aroma, temper and strength. In my personal opinion, the album still sounds very honest and up-to-date.

“So, I guess I have no other option but to wish you TRAUMATIC experiences after feeding your ears with the remastered Comedy Is Over!”’