Track Premiere: Torn Shore – ‘Set to Fail’

Photo: Kuba Specylak

Polish hardcore outfit Torn Shore are intense, following in the chaotic footsteps of acts like Converge and Every Time I Die. Their new album, Reduced, is an exercise in unrestrained vocals, shrieking guitars and sludgy breakdowns. Listening through the album, it’s easy to imagine stage dives and mic grabs galore.

Today, Decibel is premiering the video for “Set to Fail,” the third song on Reduced. Clocking in at just under two minutes, the song starts off with a breakneck pace before slamming to a halt and restarting with a long, slow breakdown.

Reduced does not currently have a release date set, but you can head to Bandcamp to find Torn Shore’s previous releases, Lifeburner and Savage.