Full Album Stream: Natvre’s – “Early Cvlts”

Greek black metal clan Natvre’s are raw, aggressive and free of any smoke and mirrors. What they present on their second album, Early Cvlts, isn’t that different from their debut, Wrath, but they’ve refined it. The destructive black metal sounds have been enhanced on Early Cvlts, which you can stream in its entirety below.

“Early Cvlts had a difficult birth,” vocalist/guitarist Foedraan tells Decibel. “We put everything we could into making a record that has more of everything than our debut album Wrath. More heaviness, more darkness, more despair and more evilness. And it’s more difficult to do that when you write straightforward songs because you are naked, and you can’t hide yourself in the fog of complicity.”

Early Cvlts will see release through Argento Records physically on December 1. The digital version is now available.