Five Hardcore Releases From 2017 You Shouldn’t Miss

Photo: Cameron Jones

Anyone who’s been within spitting distance of a hardcore show in the last few years has probably seen dozens of Obituary and Type O Negative shirts in the crowd. As interest for extreme metal grows in the hardcore scene, there have also been plenty of hardcore albums and EPs recently that even the truest of heshers can get down to. Here are five for your consideration.

Incendiary – Thousand Mile Stare

On their third studio album, Thousand Mile Stare, Long Island hardcore crew Incendiary seem to have truly hit their stride. A combination of highly-moshable riffs, relatable lyrics and a vocal delivery that sounds similar to Zach de la Rocha fronting a hardcore band are on display here, marking another entry in Closed Casket Activities’ impressive catalog.

Eaten Alive – Masterpiece of Ignorance 

Unfortunately, Masterpiece of Ignorance is the only album we’ll ever hear from Philadelphia’s Eaten Alive, due to the tragic and untimely passing of guitarist Max Moya. Masterpiece of Ignorance is pissed off and explosive, splitting its time between fast hardcore punk and pummeling breakdowns. While we might always wonder what might have come later from Eaten Alive, Masterpiece of Ignorance is a killer swansong.

Dead Heat – Access Denied/S​.​E​.​E​.​D

Oxnard, California’s Dead Heat hail from the same location as hardcore/metal/grind stalwarts Nails, but the similarities end there. Mosh-worthy riffs and a consistently fast pace make this young group one to keep an eye on.

Code Orange – Forever

Code Orange very well may be the biggest, younger band in heavy music right now. On top of the release of their 2017 LP, Forever, the Pittsburgh wrecking crew have toured with Deftones, played high-billed slots on major festivals, appeared live on a WWE Pay-Per-View and more. Their sound continues to drift toward metal from hardcore punk, making them an easy starting point for metalheads looking to explore the genre.

Liar’s Tongue – Threat of Intellect 

Salt Lake City’s Liar’s Tongue recall crossover thrash acts like Leeway and, to a lesser extent, D.R.I. You can bang your head just as easily as you can two-step, and tracks like “Plea for Atonement” prove that hardcore bands can shred too.