Track Premiere: Obskuritatem – ‘Gdje tišina vječno vlada’

Very little is known to the public regarding the allegedly Bosnian seemingly one-person black metal entity Obskuritatem. It’s known that they’re a part of the so-called Black Plague Circle (Void Prayer et al.), and that since 2012 Obskuritatem has been channeling a restless spirit from beyond the mainstream with their own style of clamoring vampyric black metal. Obskuritatem’s early tapes were almost hypnotic, but were too unsettling and cryptic to leave you at ease, sounding somewhere between blackened doom and dark ambient, like a captured recording of a poltergeist covering Von in the ritual room of Aäkon Këëtrëh. But the LP version of last year’s Vampirska Kakofonija (on GoatowaRex) showed Obskuritatem moving toward a more direct, fully-manifested attack.

Now, as if the spirit controlling them has grown rapidly stronger, Obskuritatem return with seven new tracks of monstrous black metal and haunting dark ambient. Available next week on CD and tape from Black Gangrene, and (early) next year on LP, U Kraljevstvu Mrtvih, from the first song (second track) bares its hideous fangs and comes flying straight for your neck. The days of a passive and creeping Obskuritatem are apparently usurped by a new and violent malice. There is a ferocious and living drummer in the midst of these songs, and while it sounds like it’s likely the same drummer that played on VK, the production on U Kraljevstvu Mrtvih does their sadistic talents more justice.

But enough spoilers regarding those other six tracks. Here’s what you came for: Track 5 from the new Obskuritatem album, called “Gdje tišina vječno vlada.” 

Get U Kraljevstvu Mrtvih on CD and tape from Black Gangrene Prod. next Friday, November 10th.