Track Premiere: Genevieve – ‘The Judge’

Photo: Jesse Price

Experimental black metal outfit Genevieve wowed on 2015’s Escapism, which took an outline of noisy black metal and filled it in with vivid experimentation. Almost exactly two years later, Genevieve return with Regressionism, an equally mind-boggling release. Regressionism will see release on November 24, once again through Grimoire Records, but you can listen to new song “The Judge” now.

“Truly our music has been primarily focused around our general focus as individuals,” Genevieve comment. “With Escapism centered around the negative side effects of trying to bury the self in chemicals and actions, Regressionism‘s focus has been set on the idea that humanity is failing to progress any further because of political and moral regression.

“Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian has loomed large in our psyche for quite a while, and that primarily has to do with the figure of Judge Holden. He’s an all-consuming presence, captivating in his speech and repulsive in his actions, and he seemed like the perfect symbol for us to build a song around. He represents the heights the human intellect can reach, as well as the depths of depravity that we are capable of sinking to.”

Find more info on Regressionism through Grimoire Records.