Track Premiere: Chris Alexander – “Blood Church”/”The Quiet Life of Martha Morris”

Operating in the darkest corners of the cult arts universe, few world-builders are as singular, iconoclastic, and effective as Chris Alexander, a legit triple threat who has broken new ground and raised the stakes in the realms of cinema (director of the Nivek Ogre-starring Queen of Blood and the just released Blood Dynasty), editorial/criticism (his legendary runs helming Fangoria, Shock Till You Drop, and, currently, Delirium), and as a composer of hallucinatory, nightmarish—yet weirdly beguiling—sonic landscapes.

Alexander’s second solo record Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll is out now via Future City Records—aptly dubbed by the label “a sonic love letter to Italian giallo films and the work of director David Cronenberg”—and this morning as an after-Halloween-chaser we’ve got an exclusive premiere of two of its most harrowing earworms—the squealing prog-noise-shred-in-a-fight-to-the-death-with-an-organ stylings of “Blood Church” and the paranoia-inducing, immersive “The Quiet Life of Martha Morris.”

Order Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll here. For more Alexander in Decibel check out his reminiscences of his friend/mentor George A. Romero in the October issue as well as this great circa-2014 interview on his career and the launch of Fangoria Musick label. Visit his official website for more information.