Full Album Stream: Stahlsarg – “Mechanisms of Misanthropy”

Through a combination of atmosphere and precision, Suffolk-based black/death metal outfit Stahlsarg have built upon the foundation laid out by their first LP, Comrades in Death. Two years following, Mechanisms of Misanthropy is a more immersive listen than its predecessor.

Taking the strongest points from that record, including raspy screams and precise black metal-styled instrumentals, and rounding them out with flowing songwriting and better production, Mechanisms of Misanthropy shows Stahlsarg on a much darker path.

“We are excited our second album Mechanisms of Misanthropy will be released on Halloween through Non Serviam Records,” Stahlsarg tell Decibel. “On this album we have used more atmosphere to link the songs together to make a more immersive experience. The lyrics on this second album focus heavily on survival and individuals. We hear about how Jan Baalsrud, a Norwegian resistance fighter, had to cut gangrene infected flesh from his body. How a Jewish woman ended up working for the Gestapo to assist with capturing other Jewish people in hiding. How Sophie Scholl and the White Rose Movement fought to resist valiantly in a time of oppression. The album easily sits alongside its contemporaries, however it has its own sound. So if you like black and death metal with atmosphere than surrender your ears to Mechanisms of Misanthropy.“