Full Album Stream: Monolith Cult – “Gospel of Despair”

UK-based trad doom dealers Monolith Cult are finally due to release their follow-up to their 2013 debut, Run From the Light. Clocking in at 7 songs and 42 minutes of hypnotizing doom, Gospel of Despair is a satisfying follow-up record. Driven by hefty riffs and huge-sounding vocal performance, Gospel of Despair should put the quartet in company with the likes of Spirit Adrift.

“In this latest and continuing era of liars and thieves,” Monolith Cult boldly state. “With the impoverished dying in our streets, and the psychological scars of life affecting record numbers of people. We of ‘Monolith Cult’ deliver readings from The Gospel of Despair. The album is a mantra on depression and fragility, which we believe most people have experience of, and the battle to overcome this negativity is the glue that binds humanity together for better or worse. The war against all wars is the battle for sanity in a cruel and inhuman world. For all of the threats of impending nuclear war, this is the time to forge bonds with those we live amongst. Some people say that metal is something to listen to, to escape the world and the issues that arise from this human form. We think that metal should be the ammunition to rise up and fight against our oppressors, whether the oppression is from external factors or those within our mind. Whatever the state of your mind, we hope that you enjoy this reading.”

Monolith Cult will release Gospel of Despair Transcending Records on November 17 through .