Watch: Poison Blood ‘Myths From the Desert’ Playthrough

When Neill Jameson isn’t exploring synths for Decibel, he can sometimes be found working with Jenks Miller (Horseback) in black metal duo Poison Blood. Heavily influenced by Beherit’s Drawing Down the Moon and a love for Rudimentary Peni, Poison Blood released their debut EP in August via Relapse Records.

In a new playthrough video, Miller plays third song “Myths From the Desert” and elaborates on the song.

“‘Myths from the Desert’ isn’t a difficult song to play,” Miller says. “It follows the basic formula for most songs on this record, which is slight variations of simple (elemental?) riffs that occasionally break out into more chiming melodic passages. The presence of cleaner tones and occasional folk-song melodies is meant in contrast with the grindy power-chord foundation, like specters rising from the murk. On this track, the first segment builds tension through the repetition of power chord phrases. Tension is released somewhat with the use of open strings and ringing overtones in the second passage. The final ‘solo’ section returns to the initial power chord phrases with an additional melodic element over top. On the recorded version, the cleaner guitar lead is played on a Telecaster, but I’ve played the various parts straight through on a single guitar for the purposes of this video.”

Poison Blood is available through Relapse now.