Track Premiere: Coma Cluster Void – ‘Thumb of Disease’

International death metal collective Coma Cluster Void (featuring ex-Cryptopsy vocalist Mike DiSalvo) will drop their second release, Thoughts From a Stone, on October 13. It’s a towering technical death metal effort, featuring 10-string guitar, cello, violin and four members contributing vocals. Thoughts From a Stone follows 2016’s Mind Cemeteries, the band’s first release, as guitarist John Strieder explains:

“The musical concept for Thoughts From A Stone grew in my mind for a longer time. Directly after we finished Mind Cemeteries, I bespoke with Mike the underlying concept for Thoughts From A Stone, and we shared ideas about the musical and lyrical possibilities. During my writing process I kept everybody in the loop, and half-way I’ve created a chart of the motivic structure, so everybody would know the function of the parts. There are motifs in the traditional sense, but also rhythmic motifs and even chords serving as motifs building this piece. Like with the predecessor, we’ve used chat and e-mail, and send large files over the internet to create the record.”

Listen to pummeling new song “Thumb of Disease” now and find more info on the record via Translation Loss.