Talkin ‘Bout Flex: All Out War

Since Issue #75, Decibel has brought you left-of-center b-sides, rarities, live recordings and new songs from top-tier metal bands via the outstanding Flexi Series.  Want to hear the stories behind these recordings?  Read on.

Sure, All Out War have been around since I was in high school, but the New York crossover quintet is a relatively recent love of mine.  First, I found out that vocalist Mike Score and I share a day job (high school teacher) and I had a great conversation with him about the convergence of his musical interests and professional life.  Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to see the band play twice (!) in my hometown, and those guys absolutely light the stage on fire.  Last month they dropped their enraged return album, Give Us Extinction, and now we get an extra fiery track in “Accept No Masters” on this month‘s Flexi Disc (Issue #157, November 2017, Cannibal Corpse cover).  Read Score’s comments on the song’s creation while you flip furniture (in my case, that’ll be classroom desks) while you listen again to “Accept No Masters.”

When were you approached to contribute to the Flexi Series?

Albert sent me an email a few months back and asked if we were into doing a song for the series, and, I, of course, jumped on it. It was really cool to be asked.

How did you choose “Accept No Masters” for this format?

We chose this song because it’s a bit different than what we usually do. It’s a bit faster and has some grind elements.

When and where did you record the song?  How much time and work did it take?  Did it differ at all from your regular recording schedule?

We recorded the song with Steve Evetts at West West Side in New York. West West Side is mastering extraordinaire Alan Douches’s place. We were already recording for our new album, Give Us Extinction, at the time so everything just fell into place.

Have you listened to other songs in the Flexi Series?  What is your favorite Flexi so far?

I have listened to quite a few. My top two are Kreator and Obituary. Both bands can do no wrong in my book.

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