Track Premiere: Bloodhunter – ‘All These Souls Shall Serve Forever’

On their latest album, The End of Faith, Spanish death metal legion Bloodhunter are out for… well, you know. Packed with airtight riffs and a ferocious vocal performance from frontwoman Diva Satánica, Bloodhunter channel a variant of the Gothenburg sound, and will inevitably (and rightfully) draw comparisons to bands like Arch Enemy and At the Gates.

Listen to new song “All These Souls Shall Serve Forever” to get a taste of Bloodhunter’s vicious death metal and pre-order The End of Faith via Xtreem Music.

“‘All These Souls Shall Serve… Forever!” is the third single off our second album,” Bloodhunter say. “With this song we’re trying to portray the eternal struggle that we go through between what we want to be and what society demands from us: we all take wrong decisions sometimes, but above being right or wrong is the importance to be faithful to yourself and your principles. In the latest months we’ve had to take some important personal decisions to be able to continue fighting for our dreams: for example, Èadrom went from teaching English to being a tech at a studio and starting his own, and Diva started teaching guttural singing masterclasses at music schools. Having your priorities clear in life and dedicating to achieving them is fundamental to be free. As Plato said: ‘Freedom is in being the owner of your own life.'”