Track Premiere: Sxuperion – ‘Myriad’

If “cosmic blackened death metal” piques your interest, stop what you’re doing and click play on the new track from Sxuperion, coming from the otherworldly force’s latest release, Myriad, the conclusion of a three album, one EP cycle that began with 2015’s Through Cosmic Corridors. 

“Three albums and one EP will conclude the Sxuperion – Cosmic Corridors series of dark, atmospheric death metal and space-ambient music,” Matthew S.—Sxuperion’s sole member—says. “This video that I made for the song ‘Myriad’ is a story of myself as a space traveler that falls to Earth in the present day. I look around, and I guess I don’t like what I see, with the weakening of the human spirit and intellect due to technology and greed and shallow materialistic lust. Or the empty religions warning people not to look with open eyes. I choose to dig deeper into my soul so I can grow and not rely on a false sense of attachment in order to get more attention or more empty ‘things’. I want to destroy that decaying part of our world and travel to the beast within where everything one might need can be found.”

Listen and watch title track “Myriad” below and pre-order the record through Bloody Mountain hereMyriad sees release on September 1.