Watch: Blöödhag Vocalist Throws Coffee on Alex Jones in Seattle

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones—who has suggested that events like 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook shooting and even the recent Charlottesvile protests were false flags or involved actors—was on a “work-cation,” where he ranted on a street corner about the globalist agenda, terrorism and other subjects.

While ranting, Jones was confronted by BlöödHag singer Jake Stratton, who called out that Jones was “trash.” When Jones confronted him, Stratton threw coffee on him and taunted Jones before telling him he was going back to work, “where they have more coffee.” The action starts around 3:40 in the video below.

Jones called his detractors “jihadis” who “hate the west.” This isn’t the first time Jones has intersected with metal music — check out The Alex Jones Prison Planet to hear what the conspiracy theorist sounds like “singing” in a metal band.