Track Premiere: Horrified “Unanswered”


Death metal legends Suffocation, Incantation, Broken Hope, Immolation, and Obituary are living up 2017 like it’s 1991. The banner year for veteran death metallers is also shaping up to be one of the strongest years for upstart death metallers like Phrenelith, Implore, Venenum, Maat, and United Kingdom’s Horrified. Speaking of Horrified…

Formed in Newcastle (the same city as the mighty Venom), Horrified have transformed over the course of their three full-lengths, the latest of which is “Allure of the Fallen” (Shadow Kingdom Records). More akin to Woods of Desolation meets pre-“Discouraged Ones” Katatonia, with heavy helpings of stateside heroes Horrendous and defunct legends Edge of Sanity, Horrified are bridging the brutal and the melodic for the next generation.

Stunned by Horrified’s awesomeness (potential Top 10 here), we begged and pleaded (actually, we asked) to premiere a track off “Allure of the Fallen” for the Deci-masses.

Here’s what multi-instrumentalist Daniel Alderson said about ‘Unanswered’: “‘Unanswered’ is unique to the new album in being the only song which the music was not solely wrote by me. The track was co-written between Rob Hindmarsh and myself while Rob was still in the band during the “Of Despair” period. Building on his sections was an inspiring process as I was able to expand on his ideas and implement them with my own very easily. This resulted in a very tight arrangement we were both extremely happy with in a short space of time. This song provided a new type of dynamic which made its way into the rest of the album. But for the reasons just stated, I feel this may prove to be the most expansive, dynamic and captivating track on the new record.”

** Horrified’s new album, Allure of the Fallen, is out September 29th on Shadow Kingdom Records. Pre-orders are available HERE.