Track Premiere: Bleach Everything – ‘Nazi Punch, F*** Yes’

Anyone on social media over the last few days is likely aware of the protests and violence following white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia. Tensions are running high and Bleach Everything have responded loud and clear with a new song, “Nazi Punch, Fuck Yes.”

Frontman and Magic Bullet Records owner Brent Eyestone shared his thoughts about the new song with Decibel. Read his statement and find the song here.

Photo by Melissa Fossum

“’Nazi Punch, Fuck Yes’ is a song we already had in the can for a new LP that we’ve been steadily chipping away at,” Eyestone says. “I had seen Jello Biafra perform at a small dive in Long Beach not too long before Richard Spencer got punched in the face and cried on camera, so the phrase just formed from witnessing those two wonderful experiences and it kept playing over and over in my head until I ended up doing some lyrics in the spirit of that sentiment.

“The original intent heading into our upcoming shows in Virginia and Texas was to issue the song as a digital promo to raise awareness of the show dates.

“As we were planning, Charlottesville happened… and one of Graham’s [guitar, Bleach Everything] bosses at work was among the many people struck by the car that ended up killing Heather Heyer. In an instant, this issue that we already took extremely seriously became as personal as it gets. Since then, it’s been a flurry of activity to get this song out there as our own small way of drawing an even harder line on Neo-Nazi actions, sentiment, and beliefs in the face of such shameful actions and events.

“’Nazi Punch, Fuck Yes’ is not a subtle song by any means. I don’t feel I need to explain what it means or what the nuances of the lyrics are. My hope is that it reminds our allies that punk rock is still a place where you can find people just like you… who want to smash this racist shit into non-existence until every person we share a planet with is truly able to appreciate and participate in the grand experiment of learning about, growing with, and sharing with one another our diverse cultures to the point where it all becomes something entirely new that we can all experience together. If you want these things, punk rock is looking for you.”