Track Premiere: Nocturnes Mist – ‘Shadow of the Flame’

The South Australian black metal force known as Nocturnes Mist have waged their war against morality, decency and tranquility ever since taking up axes and arms in 1997. Now, in their 20th year, the sextet are poised to scorch the world in the name of Satan with their brand new album, Diabolical Baptism. Even more so than March to Perdition, its 2016 predecessor, Nocturnes Mist’s third album sinks its barbed claws deep and doesn’t let go. Ten absolute slayers of relentlessly blasphemous black metal done the old way from a band who were actually there.

To prove that we’re dealing with some legitimately incendiary material here, we’ve procured an exclusive premiere of a new track. From Diabolical Baptism, Nocturnes Mist’s third album, you’ve found yourself in the “Shadow of the Flame.”

“‘Shadow of the Flame’ was written in 2015 as the album Diabolical Baptism was being conceived and the first tracks were coming together,” explains the band. “The song is about a sacrificial ceremony, the title and lyrics came from envisioning shadows cast by the flames at the ceremony. They are shadows of the revelers amidst their sacrifice, illuminated by fire, faceless shades leaping and dancing to create a macabre scene of the rite at hand and amongst them the creeping shadows of forces invoked.

“‘Shadow of the Flame’ is just one facet of the album and its Satanic theme. Each track has been inspired by a vision of Satan, from medieval depictions to the modern Satanic interpretations of movies like The Omen.

“‘Shadow of the Flame’ ties in with the more ancient, draconian and medieval vision of Satan and is possibly the song most inspired by illustrations from the works of Lord of De Lancre, the infamous French witch-finder and demonologist of the 17th Century,” they continue. “His image of the Black Mass and witches Sabbath are iconic depictions of Satanism that have been burned into the consciousness of western society and recollected when we envision clandestine horrors of the dark lord. The album cover and inner art by Jenglot Hitam, is a re-imagining of Lord of De Lancre’s Black Mass and Witches Sabbath which so perfectly invokes the primal energy of the rite. ‘Shadow of the Flame’ is the musical expression and exploration of this vivid imagery, of ancient rites and human sacrifices; of darkness that lurks in shadow form and shadows invoked.”

Get Diabolical Baptism September 15th from Séance Records.