Label Spotlight: Black Metal Speed Round

Last month, the Label Spotlight was dedicated to rounding up some of the best death metal coming out of small labels from around the globe. This week, it’s black metal. This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive by any means but attempts to showcase labels from different corners of the globe.

Self Mutilation Services (Mexico)

Self Mutilation Services define themselves as a label focused on “depressive, cold and hateful black metal from around the world.” There is a diverse roster, that includes artists like Gnossis Occultus, Vardan and The Depressick. There are occasional releases that deviate from black metal, but those appear few and far between.

Pest Productions (China)

Pest Productions have been around for over a decade, entrenching themselves in the black metal and dark folk scenes. They release all range of black metal from incredibly raw and primitive to experimental, atmospheric and ambient styles.

Debemur Morti Productions (France)

The releases on Debemur Morti are, as a whole, the most emotive on this list. Some releases feature cold black metal that crashes around the listener like a wave. Others are more theatrical and experimental.

War Against Yourself (Italy)


War Against Yourself is an Italian avant garde black metal label. Many of their releases include lengthy songs, clean singing, large amounts of piano and other techniques. Lengthy songs that slip other influences into the black metal aren’t uncommon.