Label Spotlight: Death Metal Speed Round

There’s a lot of death metal coming out right now, with tons of labels helping to release vile albums to the masses. It’s been a massive year for the genre so far (see our August 2017 issue for more on that), so this week’s Label Spotlight will attempt to shine a light on some of the labels who’ve recently put out killer death metal in its many variations. 

Great Dane Records
French label Great Dane Records is mainly a death metal label. Some of their recent releases have included old school (Frakasm, Cryptic Grave), death thrash (Death Control) and brutal death (Psychobolia). 

Rising Nemesis Records
Rising Nemesis is home to a legion of brutal death bands, and many albums feature contributions from well-known musicians such as Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder) and Julien Truchan (Benighted). If slams and pig squeals are your cup of tea, Rising Nemesis has plenty for you to sink your teeth into. 

Witching Hour Productions
A Polish label, Witching Hour Productions focuses heavily on bands from Poland. Most of their bands have a more modern death metal sound, and recent releases include Thunderwar, Masachist and Sauron. 

Lacerated Enemy Records
Death metal in all of its forms is the sole focus of Lacerated Enemy. Fans of technical and brutal death metal will be most interested in what Lacerated Enemy has released in 2017, but there’s plenty of old-school, progressive and blackened death to be had in their back catalogue. 

Vault of Dried Bones
“TOTAL SUPPORT FOR TOTAL DEATH” is the all-caps motto of the Canadian label, which has released a number of impressive death metal albums and demos in 2017, including Drawn & Quartered, Weregoat and Recluse.