Video Premiere: Firebreather – ‘The Ice Lord’

Gothenburg doom outfit Firebreather play slow, lumbering doom metal that is pushed slowly forward by sludgy riffs and bombastic rhythm section. Their debut album, simply called Firebreather, is a crushing first effort. Today, the Swedish newcomers are streaming the video for their song “The Ice Lord,” which you can watch below.

“We wanted to do the video in the same way we wrote the songs for the album,” says guitarist/vocalist Mattias Nööjd. “Jamming-out and partying with our friends in our rehearsal room. We wanted our good friend Jonas Andersson to film it. He’s a solid dude, amazing photographer and a genuine fan of the band and we’re all fans of his work too so it was an obvious choice and a great fit for all of us. Same is to be said about signing with Suicide Records. We knew Roger from before we started Firebreather and when he got word that we were recording an album, he was stoked to hear it and to help us get it out there. Everyone involved with the band, in one way or another, has been super helpful and so supportive of us and what we’re doing.”

Suicide Records will release Firebreather on October 13.