Full Album Stream: Bonehunter – “Sexual Panic Human Machine”

On their second album, Bonehunter stray from the Bathory worship of their debut full length to give their unsuspecting audience an album overflowing with deviant hooks, seductive solos, sleazy energy and lecherous power. The Finnish trio remain plenty evil and blackened, but now they’re comfortable enough to admit that they’re also horny.

Sexual Panic Human Machine is a nine track descent into the seedy imaginings of three Finnish metal assassins. Out this Friday, August 4th, get your copy (on CD, LP, and/or cassette) from Hells Headbangers now. 

“Thanks to Decibel Magazine for helping us spread our devilish noize all over the world,” says Bonehunter’s frontman, Satanarchist. “Jack in, turn up the evil and pledge submission to the satanic dimension!”