Track Premiere: OLDBONES – ‘Followed With a Swarm’

Ex-A Life Once Lost frontman Bob Meadows has been busy as of late. When he’s not laying down groove metal with Mind Power, he’s unleashing furious, grinding metal with OLDBONES. Their latest offering, “Followed With A Swarm” is a fast, angry song.

“The song ‘Followed With A Swarm’ touches on a relationship that no longer exists,” Meadows says. “Lyrically, the way I look at it is from my eyes and I’m sure their is another side of the story. I felt mistreated. I felt as if I was guilt tripped into staying in a place I didn’t like nor enjoy. Sonically, it’s a fast paced audio assault climaxing with what feels like a wall crushing you.”

You can pre-order new album Us Vs. Them here and catch OLDBONES at This Is Hardcore.