We’re Fiends for Poland’s Biesy

Yes, way too much music comes through our inbox to make sense of it all. Yes, lots of it is good, scratching all those familiar itches in just the right way. No, music doesn’t have to reshape your mental cosmos to be worth your time. But when something shoulder-checks your face as hard as the new Biesy record does, it’s easy to take notice. The corrupted chords spill from the painted corpse of black metal, but are then repurposed in horrifyingly sludgy ways.

The band’s debut record,Noc Lekkich Obyczajów, is due out on September 9th from Polish label Third Eye Temple, and when it hits you should definitely take the full tour. Until then, though, you can hear that album’s third track, “Powroty,” an exemplary seven minutes that might turn your week upside down. This band really is that good. Don’t miss out.

You can preorder the album in both a limited edition (here) and a regular edition (here).