Track Premiere: Hellweed – ‘Guts Out’

Attendees of This Is Hardcore, the United States’ premier hardcore music festival, might know Hellweed as the sole Russian band to play the festival. (Watch their set here, courtesy of Hate5six).

If you’re unfamiliar with Hellweed, familiarize yourself now with an exclusive premiere of “Guts Out,” the band’s first song from new EP, Legacy in Vain. Give it a listen and read what vocalist Roman Chekhovsky had to say about “Guts Out,” the new EP and being an extremely extreme band in Russia.

Legacy in Vain addresses the dying metal music scene Hellweed say they see in Russia.

“It’s our last step before writing the album and trying to up our skills in playing and songwriting on the new level,” Chekhovsky says. “Making such music is very hard in Russia, especially if you sing in English. But sometimes our spirit gives us something really cool, and we become the first Russian band to play This is Hardcore Festival in 2016 and one of the few Russian bands playing in the US of all time. So we can’t stop.”

He continues, “Lyrically, ‘Guts Out’ is about many of Russian bands, our friends, who quit playing heavy music, because it’s never been popular or brings something in Russia. Never. But I would rather die than sell our guitars and close our practice room, so we keep fighting in the heart of evil. For the metal and hardcore pride.”

Legacy in Vain will see independent release on June 30. You can pre-order it here.