Join Incantation in the “Rites of the Locust”

In case you didn’t know, Incantation totally rules. Also in case you didn’t know, they have a new album, Profane Nexus, due out on August 11. For those of you who need a good taste of what’s to come, check out the video below for “Rites of the Locust.”

At least from this song, the band sounds honed, focused and satisfyingly brutal. It sounds like a merger between the brighter, crisper sound of Vanquish in Vengeance and the modernized version of their cavern-dwelling selves on Dirges of Elysium. According to drummer Kyle Severn (yes, the one with the mustache, shut up):

“I think we’re all pleased with the outcome of the album. No real forgone conclusions, just a natural collaborative effort in its creation. We feel this is a continuation from where we left off on Dirges Of Elysium or even Vanquish in Vengeance ( both strong records). But like every record, this has its own personality, we never write or set out to recreate or rehash of a previous record. I think Incantation fans know what to expect when we put out a record, and Profane Nexus will not disappoint. Even if you’re a new fan of death metal, this record offers everything a metal head’s ears would need to fulfill one’s metal desires!!”

I like a band that feels confident enough that they could introduce new fans to the genre, even being so many albums into their career. But we’ll have to wait until August for the full album. In the meantime you could always give Onward to Golgotha, Blasphemy and Diabolical Conquest a spin or a hundred. They’ll also be hitting the road once again with Marduk this summer, which is sure to eventful…hopefully in good ways.

You can also learn more about the band in our HOF issue where they go into detail about the making of their debut album.