Track Premiere: Sweden’s Paganizer let swing the scythe with “Prey to Death”

In death there is life . . . How else to explain why these long-running death metal bands from all over the world keep releasing killer albums? Sweden’s Paganizer are a paradigm of death metal’s rejuvenating effects. On Land of Weeping Souls, their tenth full length in less than twenty years, boasts not only a  monstrous sound, and insanely tight musicianship,—which you’d expect from a band of their standing. But, eeriest of all, Land of Weeping Souls is full of ferocious verve and murderous inspiration. With the eager and sanguinary ferocity of a brand new band and the maturity and sophistication of veterans, Paganizer prove once again that death is the grand equalizer.

Although Paganizer’s guitarist/vocalist Rogga Johansson would appear to be one of the busiest men in international death metal, what with his innumerable bands and projects, including the awesome Johansson & Speckmann, Johansson still found the time to provide an illuminating introductory quote for today’s exclusive track premiere.

“[Prey to Death] is one among the couple of songs we’ve had for some years, and played live even though it’s not been on any release,” explains Johansson. “At first this thrash monster was actually mid-paced and more akin to a Grave or Bolt Thrower groove. But then when we started work on the new album we felt something needed to change in it, and we sped it up, which proved to be simple and fucking effective indeed it seems. We love how it turned out much thrashier and with a whole new drive to it. So get a load of the oldest song on the new album, in all its thrashy new glory!”

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