Blood Offerings

Axe of the unspeakable
dB rating: 9/10

Release Date: June 9, 2017
Label: Tankcrimes

When Chris Reifert left a little upstart band called Death in the late ’80s to return to the Bay Area to start another band, Autopsy, he created the Bay Area death metal scene. Rampant gentrification hasn’t killed off the grizzled old beast. Thirty years later, Reifert and Eric Cutler’s unholy offspring has multiplied and become more uncompromising and evil. In 2017, some of the best death metal available is being written in the Bay with bands like Exhumed, Vastum and their exemplary peers in Necrot.

Necrot has achieved a tone worthy of masters like Bolt Thrower, Obituary and Asphyx (guitarist/bassist Luca Indrio, who bears a striking resemblance to a young Danny Lilker, performs in Vastum and fronts Necrot). The tone is a low-end apocalyptic rumbling, the sound of portentous chasms opening in a bottomless pit, the sound of a succession of tanks cutting a swath on charred earth, a sound so guttural it makes you want to grab adult diapers and call for Mom. The best death metal is built on brown note tone—no one wants a super fast and shiny band in these parts—and Necrot has it. While Vastum’s source material is psychosexual horror and psychiatric distress, Necrot is firmly grounded in death metal’s timeless themes: horror, violence and malice. In addition to the bottom end Blood Offerings boasts the propulsive, succinct songwriting of Realm of Chaos and channels Martin van Drunen’s blistering Consuming Impulse vocals.

Blood Offerings is all old ground, but it is hallowed earth. We’ve heard everything played on this album before, but we’ve never heard it played quite like this. If you’re that curmudgeon who keeps saying nothing can displace your aging death metal album collection, it might be finally time to buy a new record.

— Justin M. Norton

This review taken from the July 2017 issue. Blood Offerings is available for pre-order from Tankcrimes.

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