Full Album Stream: Below The Sun – ‘Alien World’

Enter the Alien World with Below the Sun — the progressive doom outfit are streaming their new record exclusively through Decibel

Based on the sci-fi novel Solaris, Alien World combines a chilling atmosphere with punishing heaviness. Below the Sun seamlessly combine quiet, brooding passages with crushing doom. Black metal, post-metal and progressive influences bleed into Below the Sun’s music, building rich soundscapes throughout the album.

“Cosmos is the main theme of our band,” Below the Sun tell Decibel. “It is as beautiful as it is terrifying. It attracts us but stays unreachable. Our second album is based on the science-fiction novel by Stanislaw Lem Solaris, which tells a story of a contact between human and completely alien life form – the intelligent ocean covering all the planet’s surface. This philosophical creation is so deep, that first of all it provokes introspection. It makes you see and think of all the stereotypes and patterns that mankind follows. The album is conceptual, and we tried to express the emotions of the main character in a musical way. You could find different kinds of emotions, such as awe, fear, love, hate and even something like conscious delight and joy in the face of death!”

Alien World comes out on May 26 through Temple of Torturous.