Progressive Metal Outfit Fortis Amor Release Self-Titled Album Teaser

It’s hard to believe Fortis Amor is a one-man project when you hear the soaring melodies and tight songwriting on the progressive metal outfit’s third, self-titled, release. 

The project of multi-instrumentalist Ryan Duke, Fortis Amor runs the gamut between powerful singing and screaming, heavy riffs and beautiful clean playing. Conceptually, Fortis Amor focuses on themes of hope and redemption. Though the album isn’t officially available until tomorrow, May 19, you can stream the teaser now. 

“This record is heavy, but in no way is it what you’d expect when listening to metal,” Duke says. “My perspective on music is to embrace the intensity and aggressiveness of metal and use it to symbolize love and passion rather than hate and anger. I find that many young metal musicians start out angry and then… we grow up. We aren’t as young and frustrated with the world anymore. This record finds me in a place of growth and understanding as an artist.”

Fortis Amor will be independently released on May 19. Preorder it here.