Album premiere: Norse’s “The Divine Light of a New Sun”

Next Thursday, May 25, Australia’s Norse are getting ready to release their latest bout of black metal discordancy, The Divine Light of a New Sun, on Transcending Obscurity Records, and today we’re bringing you a full stream of the album.

Fans of the band, or anyone interested in mind-bending black metal, will find something to enjoy here, be it “Drowned by Hope”’s discordant riffing, “Arriving In Peace, Pregnant With War”‘s Gorgutsian sludge/grind approach, or the sonic explorations of “Telum Vitae.” The album goes to a lot of places, and the band is more than happy to bring you along with them.

The Divine Light of a New Sun is both a call to arms and an exploration into our dark past,” says bassist/vocalist ADR. “It takes us through the birth of the inspirational war machines that led to the advent of the atomic age and into an era of unparalleled destructiveness and limitless potential. The album progresses from the modern age of pervasive mental weakness and lack of discipline to a new age reinforced by the remorseless pursuit of excellence at all costs. We also explore the endless horrors of terrorism among other disturbing subjects I’m certain will resonate with our listeners.”
Sound like a good time to you? Then check it out right below, visit Transcending Obscurity on Facebook, and head here to purchase the album.