Label Spotlight: Possession Productions

Raw, dark and unholy are three words that could describe Possession Productions. Hailing from Belarus, Possession Productions have been releasing “dark underground art” since 1997.

Over the last 20 years, Possession have released dozens of albums that generally find themselves rooted in black metal. You can find Possession Productions on Facebook and Bandcamp. Below you’ll find a sampling of their unholy offerings. 

ZaklonViatry Karačunavaj nočy
Described by their label as “Misanthropic forest metal,” Zaklon released Viatry Karačunavaj nočy on the first of the month. Ambient sounds are combined with atmospheric black metal, lending the album a huge feeling, as if the music on Viatry Karačunavaj nočy was part of the nature that inspired it. 

Black CandleLost Light of the North
The atmosphere Black Candle create on Lost Light of the North is devoid of happiness, instead favoring throat-destroying vocals and unsettling atmosphere. Black Candle sit comfortably in both fast-tempo, blast beat-ridden stretches as well as slow, discordant sections, such as album closer “Gray Ritual,” a quiet conclusion to the release. 

Achviara is the fastest album on this list, the band playing at almost mind-numbing speeds. The blast beats are ceaseless and machinelike, never faltering despite five out of six songs on Achviara stretching into six-minute territory. Zmrok’s preferred vocal style is a high-pitched shriek that cuts through the high speed onslaught.