Mountaineer Wish You “Goodnight” and Good Luck

Next week, Lifeforce Records will release the debut album by Californian quintet Mountaineer, a sweeping and often stunning collection of influences, experiences and musical prowess that should light fires in the eyes of all kinds of music fans.  Guitarist Clayton Bartholomew is fresh off his gig with Secrets of the Sky (also ex-Lycus), and he continues his exploration of soaring, doomy tones with his band members, vocalist Miguel Meza (ex-Ashes of American Flags) and all three members of Lament Cityscape (guitarist Mike McClatchey, drummer Sean McCullough, and bassist David Small).  The result is both righteous and downcast, neither particularly lethargic nor overly aggressive.  The balance is uncanny, and it will hopefully garner the band a wide audience.

The album, Sirens and Slumber, will drop on May 19th, but you can check out the video for the album’s final track, “Goodnight,” right here.  Bartholomew had the following to say about it:

“The video for the song ‘Goodnight’ was shot and directed by [Thou bassist] Mitch Wells and features his wife, Kathryn Teague. Mitch has done work for The Body, Full of Hell, Dangers, etc. I think the video captures the same sense of ‘giving up’ that the song implies, but with a twist. We let Mitch run with his interpretation of it, and I think he did a great job.”

Preorder Sirens and Slumber on vinyl or CD here, or digitally here.